Our warranty covers for a period of 6 months or 20,000km, whichever comes first:
All work performed by our qualified technicians.
All parts installed by us.
If there is ever a problem with the repair/service performed by our technician, we will send a technician ASAP to ensure that your vehicle is operating as it should.
What’s excluded
Take a moment to read our exclusions and ensure you get the most from your warranty.
1 Exclusions
1.1) Failures caused by accidental damage, misuse or neglect.
1.2) Vehicles that have been modified and/or used for racing or rallying.
1.3) Vehicles used for short-term rental and vehicles used for daily hire or taxi services.
1.4) Repairs carried out by anyone other than Budget Mobile Mechanics.
1.5) Any consequential loss due to any failure covered by the Warranty.
1.6) Any cost associated with towing the vehicle or miscellaneous expense such as taxi charge incurred by you.
2 Parts/items not covered by Budget Mobile Mechanics Warranty
2.1) Standard service parts –air cleaners, oil filters, fuel filters, gaskets, spark plugs, fluids, coolant, oils etc.
2.2) Normal wear and tear parts/items – brake friction material (including discs), bulbs, clutch facings, exhaust pipes and silencers (although catalytic converters are covered), fuses, lamps, wiper blades, checks and adjustments etc.
You will be responsible at your expense for:
3.1) towing the vehicle if immobilised to any address in Melbourne Metropolitan area where Budget Mobile Mechanic can come to inspect/repair the relevant vehicle. (Our warranty repairs can only be done at a address in Melbourne Metropolitian area).
3.2) any repairs and maintenance due to fitting of parts and accessories to your vehicle at your request or by you, which changes the standard specification.
3.3) informing the Budget Mobile Mechanics immediately of any defect or failure in your vehicle’s odometer or of the fitting of any replacement odometer to your vehicle.