A Certified Mechanic will come to you and diagnose your car problem using the latest diagnostic equipment and provide you with a fixed price written quote to repair your vehicle.
We use one of the most advance Scan tool (Carman VG Plus) to perform an Engine Diagnostic (or Scope Test) to find out what corrections are required  to get your engine running smoothly again.
Car Diagnostic  ($110*)
When to have this done??
If experiencing any of the following symptoms:
  • Check 'engine' / 'Service soon' / or any other 'dashboard warning light' is illuminated.
  • Car not starting.
  • Engine is running rough or hard to start.
  • Poor acceleration and misfiring.
  • Poor fuel mileage.
  • Abnormal noise from the car
* Price includes: Upto 45 minutes of labor 95% of above mentioned car problems can be diagnosed within this time, coming to you and GST. Surcharge may apply for some domestic and imported Car and for coming to some suburbs, any additional costs will be discussed with you and quoted up front at the time of booking.